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Whether you are currently carrying out business transformation projects building your team to reach that level, this book provides a wealth of practical information to improve your outcomes while reducing risk. Decades of experience have been distilled into over 800 hints that address activities, concepts, techniques, and recommendations that have been proven through hands-on fieldwork. These hints will help you tackle complex issues while others share details that can make a big difference in how smoothly a project goes and help ensure an effective outcome.

--What They Are Saying--

"The authors of the Business Transformation Field Guide have distilled decades of hands on experience into an easy to read and comprehensive guide to successfully running large, complex enterprise projects. The advice is refreshingly practical and contains insights that you don't often find in books about business change. This is a book that all business transformation professionals should not only read but read and read again as there is such a wealth of knowledge that new ideas and tips can be picked up on each reading. It's like having your own personal business transformation mentor available on demand." Diana Davis, Senior Editor, PEX Network

"I feel the Business Transformation Field Guide is a tremendous resource and absolute must have for every professional that is tasked with executing, participating, or directing business operational change" William LaFollette, Operational Excellence Leader, Accumen, Inc.

"The Field Guide is an all-encompassing look at how to run a modern business transformation project from starting strategy to completed project and beyond. Although it leans toward Business Process Management (BPM) projects, this practical guide, by senior business consultants who have "been in the trenches," is a major how-to guide for running any significant project. Business transformation projects are more important than ever and doing them right can be difficult. This guide illuminates why Project Managers are so valuable and covers a vast array of topics from how to build a Center of Excellence (CoE) to how to deal with temporary outside resources (contractors) and even what to include on weekly status reports. Great work by a great team!" George Barlow, CBPMP, OCEB, CSO, Trisotech

"This 'Field Guide' provides practical advice for all phases of a process-led transformation. It shares valuable lessons learned that every process improvement initiative can benefit from. The book is a great read for process management practitioners." Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D

"There are a lot of 'how to' books written on this subject. Typically I review them with a skeptical eye, which was the case here. After reading the Business Transformation Field Guide, my first thought, 'where was this book when I started?' This Guide would have been instrumental in avoiding many pitfalls that leaders face. As a seasoned leader, we can't remember or know everything. The guide helps to ensure you are thinking holistically and reinforcing critical areas that are key to successful transformation. I would recommend this book to transformation leaders regardless of their years of experience." Eric Thompson, VP Operational Excellence Wyndham Worldwide

"A broad yet acceptable explanation of a wide range of issues and pragmatic considerations for business practitioners. Takes the reader through the journey of business transformation by providing clear and pragmatic nuggets of experience and expertise that the authors call "hints." All in all, a really practical field guide structured around a comprehensive business transformation methodology. Denis Gagne, CEO & CTO, Trisotech

About the Authors

Daniel C. Morris, the author of 5 books on Business Transformation, a columnist for the Process Excellence Network (PEX) since 2011, international speaker at over 40 conferences, and member of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals international board of directors. Former board member of the Business Architect Association (now the Business Architect Guild) board of directors, and member of the Forrester Research International BPM Council. Dan, who is currently a Managing Principal with Wendan Consulting, has served as the North America Practice Director for Business Process Excellence for three major international consulting firms, as a CIO, and as an Executive Consultant with IBM.

Dan has also served on multiple BPM committees and is a key author of the ABPMP BPM Associate and Architect certification tests and the Business Architect certification test.

Dan is a hands on manager who has been involved in over 50 BPM based projects (including rescue projects) in a variety of industries. Working with leading firms, clients, and associations, Dan has helped to create BPM concepts and techniques - which he has written about since the mid-1990s. Dan's earlier books have been best sellers in multiple geographies. His book "Re-engineering Your Business" has been translated into 9 languages and has helped to shape Business Transformation as a formal discipline.

Rod Moyer
Rod Moyer has over 25 years of experience as a consultant improving businesses from a strategy perspective straight through to step by step implementations and improvements. As a co-author of the ADDI BPM methodology and a Managing Principal with Wendan Consulting, he has devoted the past several years to improving the way businesses approach BPM so that addressing business needs becomes the primary focus and actual result.

As an executive consultant, Rod has served in leadership positions in both international firms and boutique companies. He has assisted start-ups as well as turnarounds and process improvement projects in established companies. In his engagements, he has frequently served as the "bridge" between business and technology to ensure solutions leverage technology, while at the same time meeting business needs in a way that works for the business managers.

Rod has authored and co-authored numerous columns, papers and presentations. He has also co-authored reference manuals and designed and presented training programs.

Keith Leust
Keith Leust has extensive experience in Business Architecture and strategy, change management, leadership development, large-scale business re-engineering & BPM, technology implementation, and is an expert in driving transformation to enable modern business design.

With over 30 years of work focused on ensuring organizations are designed to achieve their desired business results, Keith has helped drive significant transformation efforts. As a Client Adviser and Business Architect with Oracle, and now an executive Business Transformation consultant leading, Keith works directly with leaders to create and execute holistic solutions to align the leadership, build business road-maps, and implement organizational change.

Keith began his consulting career with Arthur Andersen where he co-managed the Northeast Change Management practice. As an executive with Motorola, Keith was instrumental in the re-architecting of the cell phone business as well as the transformation of the global IT organization.

He is a Certified Business Architect, a Motorola Six Sigma Black Belt, and is certified in Myers Briggs.

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