The Business Technology rEvolution
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Rapidly Changing World - Social Networks - Cloud Computing - Strength of Weak Ties
Evolution of the CIO - The New Polymath - Mastering the Unpredictable - Open Innovation

Wisdom of Crowds - Collective Intelligence - Cloudsourcing

Business Technology (BT) vs. Information Technology (IT)

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What Next-Generation Business and Technology Leaders Should Be Reading
The Business Technology rEvolution Bookshelf

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Dot Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform Built on Cloud Computing

Business Process Management: The Third Wave

Extreme Competition: Innovation And the Great 21st Century Business Reformation

Enterprise Cloud Computing: A Strategy Guide for Business and Technology Leaders

Human Interactions: The Heart And Soul Of Business Process Management

Power in the Cloud: Using Cloud Computing to Build Information Systems at the Edge of Chaos

The Real-Time Enterprise: Competing on Time

Enterprise E-Commerce

The Death of e and the Birth of the Real New Economy

The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the Future Through Virtual Enterprise Networks

Bioteams: High Performance Teams Based on Nature's Most Successful Designs

Mastering the Unpredictable: How Adaptive Case Management Will Revolutionize the Way That Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations

Beyond the Crisis