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About the Book
Cloud Computing Set to Unleash
a Perfect Storm in Business
We are witnessing a seismic shift in information technology,
the kind that comes around every decade or so,
and it will have a huge impact on business,
especially in today’s dire economy,

says business strategy expert and former CIO, Peter Fingar.

Remember how the retail industry was slow to grasp the importance of the Internet before it got “Amazoned?” Well, another technology storm is brewing, only this time the turbulence could be even greater, and affect every industry.  And it’s no less than a perfect storm, as it’s coming at us in the midst of the current dire economic climate. It’s called “the Cloud,” a 21st century business platform built on Cloud Computing technologies.

Just as it was with a fresh new Internet of only a decade ago, the Cloud and the technologies of Cloud Computing suffer from confusion and hype. Nevertheless, these are game-changing phenomena, so business leaders—and the rest of us—must gain an understanding of what these terms really mean and how they will affect us, just as much as the Internet has affected us all.

In Dot.Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform, business strategy expert and former CIO Peter Fingar explains the main ideas of Cloud Computing in lay terms. Peter also does some old-fashioned reporting to bring together the ideas of the movers and shakers who are actively building the Cloud.

But this is not a technical book about Cloud Computing technologies; it’s a business book. It’s about what the Cloud portends for business … about transformation in the ways companies are managed … and about business models for the 21st century. It’s about how companies carry out their work in the Cloud instead of office buildings and skyscrapers, and how they deliver their “services” in the Cloud. It’s also about human interactions in the Cloud, and about the end of management and the rise of self-organizing, self-managed “Bioteams.”

Even more, it’s about unlocking human potential in business, about unleashing passion.  All this points to your company’s future, and your future, set in the context of the biggest economic downturn since World War II. So ultimately, it’s about lighting a fire under all of us.

According to Jim Sinur, Vice President of Gartner, “To say that we are living in interesting times is an understatement, and Peter has captured the essence of how business will work going forward. Dot.Cloud is both visionary and realistic in that each of the pieces of the vision have working examples today, but not woven together like in this writing. The goal of the virtual business platform is not just a dream, but attainable once all the contributing pieces are brought together. Peter brings them together here in a way that will work under any number of situations, across any industry.”

Gregory Simpson, Chief Technology Officer of GE, remarked, “Dot.Cloud isn’t just about the Cloud; it’s really about embracing change in the workplace. It pulls together elements of Web 2.0, BPM and other dreaded three-letter acronyms, as well social and economic trends, to give you a vision for how harnessing the Cloud can transform the way your company works. Peter’s unique ability to pull all of these concepts together in an understandable fashion make this a business book for the future, and the future is now!”

Today, both business and technology forecasts are Cloudy.
Smart businesses will prepare now,
to take advantage of the Cloud
and successfully ride out the perfect storm to create a bright future.

Peter Fingar does it again. His uncanny knack for bringing technology and society together to extrapolate the future never ceases to amaze me. Reading sections of Dot.Cloud had me picturing him with a crystal ball, reading the minds and secret product plans of cloud computing’s finest visionaries. Every executive should read it.
--George Barlow, CEO, Cloud Harbor

I became a fan of Peter Fingar’s abilities to take complex topics and reduce them to understandable, logical flows after reading his book Extreme Competition. And now, Dot.Cloud serves up a crisp understanding of why cloud computing is critical, and where and how to apply it to gain true business benefits.
--Andy Mulholland, CTO and author, Mashup Corporations

Peter's gift is that he can discern and communicate significant points of convergence that offer the potential to differentiate organizations from their competitors. With Dot.Cloud, he once again signals a sea change in how one can better deliver customer value by taking advantage of "the Cloud," not only as a mode of delivery, but as a way of thinking about how organizations innovate and execute. The unique value proposition of this, and Peter's prior works, is that it doesn't focus on the technical aspects, but rather on how "the Cloud" can, and should, affect how organizations organize and behave; how they retain and engage their clients. If you want to adapt, survive and thrive in a world that has become location agnostic and expects ubiquitous solutions from you, read this book!
--Richard Welke, Director of the Center for Process Innovation, Georgia State University

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